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We protect your NFTs on Cardano

Safeguarding and preserving the digital representation of Cardano NFTs by providing secure, global and long-lasting cold storage backups. Ensuring protection against human error, system failures, natural disasters and even nuclear wars - for a millennium.


Did you knowthat most of theCardano media,such as NFT artwork, areNOT storeddirectly on the Cardano blockchain, but point to a location outside the Cardano network?
It meansthat you, or someone outside of Cardano blockchain,needs tostore and protectthis data.Otherwise,you might losethe digital representation of your NFTsforever.
The solution to this problem is

Continuity Token

Send Continuity Tokens to your wallet to automaticallyand effortlessly backup, store and protect your digital assets.

Protect your Cardano Media

Against data loss or corruption, and even nuclear wars.


Be protected

Select a plan according to your needs
1 Continuity Token
at least 10 years
We will pin your NFTs on multiple servers across the globe.
5 Continuity Tokens
(2% off)
at least 100 years
With pinning from Hot plan already included, we will save your digital assets to a special medium with extreme longevity and store it in one of the most secure physical safes on Earth.
50 Continuity Tokens
(4% off)
at least 1,000 years
In addition to everything in the Cold plan, we will save your digital assets to an ultra-long storage photosensitive film that will survive up to 1,000 years and lock it away in The Arctic Vault.

Eternal collections

Reach out to us for further information on how can we help preserve your NFT project's legacy. Don't leave your digital treasures to chance - contact us at
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SpaceBudz is an NFT platform on the Cardano blockchain. 10,000 SpaceBudz are in existence and each astronaut is unique and only owned by you. Animals, robots and other mysterious creatures with different features and properties await you!
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Cardano Pages

The PAGES project is an ongoing endeavor that utilizes visual art and NFTs to document the development of the Cardano blockchain. High-Quality art that tell a deep and meaningful story.

Your project

Your NFT project can be here. We are able to provide continuity to your entire project. Don't leave your digital treasures to chance - protect your customers!

Meet the

Continuity Core Team

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Continuity Angels

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Continuity Token is a digital token on the Cardano blockchain that entitles you to have your entire wallet backed up for rest of your life, according to your plan.
Most of Cardano NFT and token media are stored outside of the Cardano blockchain. Usually, the projects are storing just a pointer to the media location, because on-chain storage is very expensive. The most popular solution to store these media is IPFS. Sadly, IPFS is distributed only as long as someone keeps a copy of your media on their server.
For the Hot plan, we perform the backup every epoch. For the Cold plan, we perform the backup every epoch ending up with a 0 or a 5, so technically every 5 epochs. For the Arctic plan, we burn a new film annually, on the 1st of March - the anniversary of the Mary hard-fork that introduced the native token capacity to the Cardano blockchain.
We are using M-DISC for archival longevity. The recording on these will last 1,000 years thanks to glassy carbon which is inert to oxidation and has a melting point up to 1,000 °C (1,832 °F).
We partnered up with the Arctic World Archive, which provides unhackable, secure data and file storage vault located deep inside an Arctic Mountain on the isolated archipelago, Svalbard.
Initial price of the token is 100 ADA.
Just hold a Continuity Token in your wallet with rest of your NFTs and we will do all the work for you. Depending on the amount of the Continuity Tokens in your wallet, you will be eligible for different plans.
One token provides 2GB of storage - that's almost 8,000 SpaceBudz, 500 Clay Nations, or 95,000 DEADPXLZs. Each plan slice is increasing your storage capacity. For if you hold two tokens, you are eligible for 4GB of Hot plan storage. If you hold 15 tokens, you are eligible for 6GB of Cold plan storage.
That's where the Continuity Angels come into play. All of them have access to the cold storage, in case anything happens to us. The angels are distributed across the globe and will be taking care of us in the post-apocalyptic world.
We work with our partners at Anji. The physical safe we're using has the certification of security level 10 according to EN 1143-1 standard, which is one of the highest possible security levels, having the same security as most of the central banks. The safe is several meters underground with reinforced concrete walls, it is water-proof, radiation-proof, with several power backups and constant temperature and humidity control.
We are using the latest nano technologies to convert photosensitive 35mm film into an immutable digital preservation medium for the future. This film, the piqlFilm, is protected by the unique piqlBox which enables secure storage of the data. This makes it possible for the piqlFilm, with your data, to survive the next 1,000 years.
We plan to mint 30,000 tokens. 96% for public sale, 1% of the tokens are reserved for the team, 2% for the Continuity Angels and 1% for airdrops.